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Acrylic on Duratex



SKU: VG-EXP-2-0010
  • Paulo Lino

  • In this international exhibition the artist is representing Amazonas, the northern region of northern region of Brazil, with its fauna, flora and fascinating river basins that that make up continental Amazonia.
    An enthusiast of the classical arts, Paulo lino attempts to merge the academic with art. Influences range from Banksy to Caravaggio, from Basquiat to Bacon, as well as abstract expressionism and surrealism, are some of the elements that make up the chromatic and pictorial alchemy of the works. A academic construction methodology to be conceptually destroyed later. Perhaps there is no precise definition to name the artist's creative process.
    creative process. Versatile, Paulo Lino also drinks from the fountain of abstraction, having in parallel to the creation of this type of non-figurative work.
    With a BA in Philosophy and a post-graduate degree in Advertising, he began his studies in the arts in the arts in an autodidactic way when he was still a teenager, soon after he studies of drawing and painting at the Ester Mello High School of Arts of the Clube de Quadrinheiros de Manaus and the Associação Amazonense de
    Association of Visual Artists.

    With local, national and international exhibitions, he has a vast curriculum both in the arts and design, an area in which he has worked professionally since the 1990. Passionate about music and literature, he has Heavy Metal as his soundtrack and in books the background for the construction of his work.
    His works are built from a personal vision of the artist. Techniques
    as transfer grid, glaze, light dark, alla prima among others are
    are used in a first moment following to action paint, watercolor and even abstraction.
    This chaotic process of abstracting the figurative is what the artist calls "Pictorial Symbiosis Pictorial Symbiosis", in the absence of a more scientific and well elaborated term. "Chaotic Realism" would be a second option.
    Oil, acrylic and synthetic paints are used in the paintings, as well as various other experimental materials such as sprays, brushes, sponges, spatulas, water solvents and varnishes.







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