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Original artwork

Motif: Imaginative
Digital painting printed on tissue voil

100 x 165 cm

Jaguar (animal mimicry): I hide to live

SKU: VG-EXP-1-0021
  • Juarez Oliveira

  • Juarez Oliveira, from Além Paraíba-MG, currently lives in Bragança Paulista, is a mural muralist and stained glass artist, besides being a conservator and restorer. He has a bachelor's degree from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) in Fine Arts and Technical Drawing Design 1984.
    Between 1995 and 2019, he dedicated himself intensely to restoration and conservation works, thus undertaking research and studies with Extension Courses and Specializations Archaeological Methodology, Architectural Heritage - Mural Preservation and
    and Restoration of Murals, Traditional Mortars, Stained-Glass Windows, and in Restoration and Restoration and Conservation of Tiles.
    He has several large works in public and private collections in sacred institutions, where his mural sacred institutions, where his mural works and stained-glass windows, are in process of tombamento and others already registered as a patrimonial assets.
    He is the administrator and owner of the company Arte e Restauro since 1984. In late 2019 he moved to Portugal, for a sabbatical year and returned to Brazil in late 2020.
    Since then, he has developed several research with acrylic paintings, tiles and print art with the concept of applying modular art as a resource of resignification of the resignification of the look and interaction with the other. Since 2021 he has participated in several collective exhibitions in the cities of Itapetinga, Alphaville, São Paulo, Bragança Paulista, Liechtenstein, Rome, Brussels. His work has opportunely received an international prize in Liechteinstein, in Vaduz.







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