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Fine Art on canvas
70 x 57 cm 

2006 -date of original painting

01/200 reproductions

Luz da Floresta 1

SKU: VG-EXP-2-0042
  • Alexandre Segrégio

  • I´m Brazilian, born in the city of Matias Barbosa, MG. Visual artist, I went through several phases in painting; abstract, esoteric, expressionist, visionary. Currently I am also dedicated to hyper-realism, with themes related to nature. I seek to promote through my paintings a dialogue and relationship with what exists in the human conception and nature! 
    In the search to improve my work, I do field research. I travel to places like: Rondônia, Amazonas, Goiás, Tocantins and other Brazilian states. It is notorious, how these places bring a dimension not only perceptual, but also concrete of the richness of flora, fauna and ritualistic customs of indigenous Brazilians.
    This project "Our Colourful Brazilian Soul" is an itinerant exhibition of works of Brazilian artists in Europe, starting in Vaduz in the Principality of Litchtenstein, Brussels in Belgium and Rome and Venice in Italy. I will participate with an expressionist work from 2005, an indigenous ritual in the Kuarup Ceremony. This ritual is performed by the indigenous people of the Alto Xingu region, Mato Grosso, to celebrate the memory of the dead and release their souls to the spirit world.







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