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Original artwork

Oil on canvas

Reflections of memory

SKU: VG-EXP-1-0013
  • Margarida Germano

  • Has been painting and doodling for as long as she can remember. Life and motherhood kept her from following this more artistic path, but life takes many turns and about 12 years ago she started painting regularly again. She related to artists in the municipality where she lives and attended several free ateliers and painting and drawing workshops.
    He had as masters  Eduardo Patarrão who opened horizons for him and presented line of modern and abstract, José Carlos Prudêncio where he explored and perfected impressionis, during periods of isolation, and unwilling to stop due to the pandemic, she took online classes with Pollyanna Ferreira where she perfected the technical part and where she dove into the challenge of free drawing.
    Loves a good challenge and painting people and feelings are her preference.
    She oscillates between extremes that complement each other in her message of hope and nostalgia, perhaps the result of the periods of isolation and introspection that the last few years have given us.
    For this reason we feel his restlessness in his wandering through various spaces, more or less interior. Perhaps in a need to spread her wings and fly to new themes, spaces, colors and tones.
    She has a great sensitivity to detail and dedicates herself to each painting and each brush stroke. Demanding, she only accepts to reveal artistic proposals when she is sure of the quality of the content.







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