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Mixed technique, acrylic and oil on canvas
70x70 cm


Inspiration: respect for the Amazonian native peoples.

Índia Jovem

Productcode: VG-EXP-2-0019
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  • Thais Murce

  • Carioca, Chemical Engineer by profession and Plastic Artist by vocation. After 33 years dedicated to Petrobras, she found in art (oil painting, acrylic (oil painting, acrylics and watercolor) the formula to express her creativity and emotions.
    Throughout her professional life, she has held important executive positions and had the opportunity to live and learn with academics, scientists, communities the communities around the projects, the entrepreneurs, the workforce, professionals professionals with multiple backgrounds (doctors, biologists, teachers) teachers, engineers, philosophers, artists, geologists, chemists, administrators, operators, environmentalists, etc.) who have contributed to perfect their humanistic training, and turn their gaze to important current issues such as climate change, social inclusion, gender diversity, human rights, indigenous peoples the role of women in society, among others. When in head of the Environment and Climate Change technology programs at Climate Change technology programs at Petrobras Research Center (2003 to 2009)
    the development of sustainable technologies for action in the Amazon and in areas classified as acting in the Amazon and in areas classified as environmentally sensitive areas (deepwater corals, estuaries, etc.), as well as conservation and recovery of degraded biomes. degraded biomes. Later, in the management of Biodiesel Plants, it expanded its people and the sustainability of the business through balance between social, environmental and financial
    and financial aspects. This trajectory has imprinted values and sensitivity to contemporary issues which today are reflected in the vibrant and balanced colors in his palette, in the construction of his artistic identity (still in his artistic identity (still in formation) and his passion for painting themes related to his experience. He believes in the communion of science and art and the and the development of disruptive digital technologies that enable the evolution of evolution of knowledge, as well as bringing about the transformation of our way of living, interacting and communicating, also enabling social inclusion.
    His emergent art reflects the nature of his inspiration: the sea, the
    mountains, foliage, flowers and everyday scenes of the city and countryside.







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