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Oil on canvas
80x50 cm

Sogno Lúdico

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  • Salua Saleh

  • Salua Saleh was born in Barrinha, SP, Brazil, in 1958 to loving Lebanese parents who gave her the feeling of being a citizen of the world. She graduated in Hospital Administration with post graduation at São Camilo University in São Paulo. She is a self-taught plastic artist, started painting in 1999, with a strong inclination for figurative art and focus on the female figure. In this aspect her pictorial construction is punctuated by a poetic language that denotes strength and fragility of the female figure. 
    In each work, the artist brings together and contrasts distinct intimacies, sharing privacies and inseparable facets of affective relationships such as love, loneliness, action and inertia, voluptuousness and innocence, presence and absence, vitality and mourning.
    The artist's thematic choice dialogues with internal affective and emotional aspects and also with the result of scenes from daily life, social issues and the disturbing world we live in, such as war scenes and racial and ethnic prejudices, using for this a gestural force on the brush with strong colours creating a clear dialogue between colour and form. 
    She also explores abstract painting in her canvases. Her creative process in abstract painting resonates with her perceptions, knowledge and emotions without losing sight of technical and aesthetic mastery.
    The artist uses acrylic paint, oil paint, crayons and collages in her paintings. She is also a mosaicist, artisan and lover of trips to unusual places in the world from where she also draws inspiration for many of her works. 
    The artist has lived in São Paulo, London, Arraial d'Ajuda and for over ten years near Milan, in Northern Italy, wandering through museums and exhibitions and directly studying the works of the masters she loves most: Matisse, Klimt, Modigliani, Munch, all of whom have stimulated her in her expressive technical research.
    The intense work of Salua Saleh has already been appreciated in national and international exhibitions composing private collections in Brazil and abroad. Her works are in Berlin, New York, Cleveland, London, Argentina, Lebanon, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. Today he lives between Brazil and Italy.







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