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Viridis and the choice for art from BRAZIL

Since the late 20th century, culture has been preserved as an intangible heritage in its grandeur, encompassing culinary, dance and art, whether within the context of a community or within a social segment.
With its continental dimensions, ethnic diversity and innumerable natural resources, Brazil is an ideal breeding ground for folk art, which serve as a means of demonstrating the regional culture, values and customs, creativity, spirituality and diversity of the Brazilian people.
Viridis saw in the folk art in Brazil a means of communication between knowledge, based on the belief that art is a wisdom to do something and achieve a goal. As well as the thoughts, the feelings, the results of the combination of indigenous, black and European influences within a group or region or in the artist himself.
Our collection includes figurative, allegoristic, utilitarian, black, native, expressionist, religious, animalistic, naive, art brut, contemporary work. All selected works were made from materials such as wood, terracotta, fibres, seeds and other recycled materials, confirming the importance of the concept of sustainability and its reach at all social and artistic levels.

Viridis aims to strengthen the circulation of cultural goods and stimulate socio-cultural exchanges between European countries and Brazil, through a representative collection of Brazilian folk art.
The aim is to give the public interested in cultural diversity a first look at the sculptural folk art of the Brazilians. Viridis hopes to enchant the public with this art, which says a lot about Brazil and its idiosyncrasies.
Together, the works present the vision of a plural, dynamic, mystical and joyful Brazil, which maintains its traditions and constantly opens itself to new experiences brought about by contact with different cultures and peoples in the world.


"Non-erudite art... art that simplifies perspective and stimulates the naive view of objects..." - Percival Tirapeli. 

Every Viridis project is crafted by many hands. There is no clear, defined path, each work is a unique and living combination of people, feelings, regional cultures and ideas. We chose plastic art as a means to communicate, to display, to transfer the knowledge of artists through colours, living materials, images and objects composed of different influences and experiences from the North to the South of the country. We are a representation of artists who, through their simplicity and sincere way of working, convey all the greatness of Brazilian culture.


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